I'm Liam and I make hand painted signs, murals, and illustrations using traditional and modern  techniques. Painting everything by hand celebrates craft and tradition and adds a human touch that makes the work more personal and engaging. I use modern technology to create precise designs and layouts when necessary, but my emphasis is on the materials, processes, art and craft of painting by hand.   

 Being an artist has led to some amazing opportunities throughout my life, including a summer spent living in a tree house while designing and making illustrations for an interpretive recycling center, creating stage backdrops and other paintings for a summer music festival which included hanging hand painted trampolines from trees, and painting a childhood nostalgia themed mural in a mini-bus while an episode of Portlandia was being filmed at a tiny house hotel across the street. I was also able to travel to Haiti for a few weeks to teach art lessons to children. 

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and graduated from a two year certificate program in Graphic Design/Visual Communication at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

I live on the western fringe of Portland, Oregon in the community of Forest Grove. I feel incredibly grateful to be living here surrounded by inspiring people and the great northwest landscape.